"Stacy Hobbs plays some great stuff! He's breathing new life into that long neglected Harp Guitar, what he plays on six string is just as good. Do give him a listen."  - John Renbourn


"You're phenomenal."   - Tosin, Animals with Leaders 


"The first time I heard Stacy Hobbs and his old Dyer harp guitar live and in person, I was completely blown away by the combination of skill, musicality and raw power. Stacy really puts it out there when he plays, and the passion comes through loud and clear. I've never heard anything quite like it." - Fred Carlson, Luthier


Stacy Hobbs' passion for the Harp Guitar results in pleasurable awe for those of us who watch and listen. With the fingers of both hands a blur on the strings, Stacy produces sounds that are simply amazing and powerful. Be prepared to be blown away."  - George T. Noe, Author


"I love Stacy Hobbs' playing. He infuses each performance with energy, heart and soul. As he embraces his Harp Guitar and begins a song you sense that he is beginning a journey..Soon, I become immersed, riding along with him, inside the melodies and rhythms.An enthusiastic audience applause awakens me, and I realize that they too were transported. Simply flawless."  - William Eaton,  Musician, Luthier, Artist

Every Little Thing Re-Mix

Stacy Hobbs & Romell Regulacion

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New take on The Police's Every little Thing She Does is Magic; what happens when you collaborate a 1909 Harp-Guitar with Modern Technology - a hard driving re-mix of Every Little Thing!

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