from the outlet to the tunes

After forty years of playing, gigging, jamming and intensely loud practice sessions I decided to pay attention to my sound quality!  What does this even mean, you may wonder.  It means Ive never given much consideration to power conditioners as part of a "live' rig; only studio work.  Not anymore -  I plug the power conditioner into an outlet, then plug my amp into this and lions, tigers, and bears -OH MY! What a difference it has made.   

After nearly 30 years of Fishman amps only, I found the Hughes and Kettner Era 2 acoustic amplifier! Simply the best amp I have ever heard or played through.  400 watts of pure transparency - meaning if your guitar sounds bad, it will sound bad loudly; and if you have a great sounding guitar, ah-em, Harp Guitar, as I do, it will sound fantastic though this amp.  Plenty of headroom for those hard driving players out there! 

I have installed Fishman matrix thin line acoustic guitar pickups in both my old Dyers, an element on the 6 string side, and a separate element on the bass side; after a conversation with Fishman, it was recommended to wire both elements to the single end pin pre-amp then use an external (Fishman Pro EQ) preamp to further boost the signal.  For whatever reason, both my Dyers, with this set up, produce an even tone from string one down to string twelve.  Perfectly EQ'ed out of the gate! From instrument, to preamp to Era 2 amp, simple gear chain, no loopers anymore, no external effects to plug in!  

End result?  BEST, CLEANEST most AWESOME acoustic guitar tone E.V.E.R.