A story of steampunk transition

Stacy Hobbs started his journey playing guitar as a sixteen year old teenager.  It was only several decades later he discovered the Harp Guitar through the late Michael Hedges live performance at Red Rocks CO.  Once he acquired his first vintage Dyer Harp Guitar made in 1915 by the Larson Brothers, there was no turning back.   Armed with a varied repertoire encompassing many styles of music - by virtue of them (tunes) all being instrumental, added to the challenge of gigging.  Looking for solutions rather than focusing on the problem, once Stacy came across the Steampunk moniker, a light bulb went off and Stacy Hobbs reimagined himself into Steampunk Stace over the last few years. Under the auspice of Steampunk Stace one could time travel, wear cool googles designed for time travel, visit many different cultures throughout the world -ride the planet, bring tunes from around the globe packaged into a single performance and represented on the Harp Guitar in a modern, exciting and new way! Until, of course, the interest begins to wane - either way, whether Stacy Hobbs or Steampunk Stace it's going to be an incredible show! 


While Stacy traditionally embraces the old vintage instruments of the early 1900's; in particular, The Larson Brothers Creations , he was quick to see the benefits of owning one of Alistair Hayes' Emerald brand carbon fiber Harp Guitars.  Click here to learn of their story and wonderfully indestructible and great sounding instruments!  Check out the photo page to see Steampunk's crazy cool custom Synergy X-20 - it's an awesome modern day Harp guitar!!