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Recorded in 2017, What a Wonderful World is still a great tune for 2024!!


Every Little Thing Re-Mix

Stacy Hobbs & Romell Regulacion

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New take on The Police's Every little Thing She Does is Magic; what happens when you collaborate a 1909 Harp-Guitar with Modern Technology - a hard driving re-mix of Every Little Thing!

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********************************BRAND NEW *************************************

A collaboration with Re-Mix Artist Romell Regulacion found us pairing a 1909 Harp-Guitar with today's latest technology.  We used, as a foundation, my recording of The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does" then Romell worked his magic on the tune elevating it to another level.  I never knew I was a fan of "techno" music, but here I am, really digging it - is it possible you feel the same? Give the sample above a listen and let me know your thoughts! Enjoy! 


Thank you for stopping by -  interested in hearing a Harp-Guitar?  If you click on the sound bar located at the bottom of the page, you can listen to my recording of an old Celtic tune, Return From Fingal, played on a 1915 Dyer Harp Guitar built by the Larson Brothers of Chicago.  I also using an eBow for that cool ethereal sound! 

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