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"Imagine"- arranged for solo harp guitar and recorded in 2017 on a 1909 Stahl brand, Larson Brothers built, one of a kind Harp Guitar! N-Joy


Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to browse around the store or watch a video; listen to some Harp Guitar music, relax now you're here.  I  currently offer subscriptions to this site giving you immediate benefits of half price digital albums and discounted merchandise - exclusive to subscribers only!  You'll receive monthly newsletters, have access to free guitar lessons and online concerts and gain private access to amazing X-Ray photos of my 1909 Larson Brothers built Harp Guitar, the only one in existence -yeah, it's pretty cool!  Click here for more details and go check it out!  Also worth checking out is the "Photo" page - lot's of live shots from various venues - tons of great friendships memorialized.  All pre-covid, sigh... 

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